About Us

Epping Motors is an independent workshop owned and run by local, Evan Borland and his trusted team.

Evan Borland has been the owner and manager of Epping Motors Pty Ltd for 19 years, with his involvement in the business extending to over 30 years. Epping Motors has been a family owned business since the 1950s and has since established itself as a home for trustworthy, thorough and reliable car repairs.

At Epping Motors we guarantee a personal and friendly service. We also understand that time is a precious commodity and hence, with our team experience and extensive equipment, we can get you back on the road with the utmost confidence in your vehicle. We look forward to seeing you.

Step into a reception area of comfort and professionalism and then walk through to view an outstanding, modern & clean workshop. No need for outsourcing at Epping Motors – the tradesman here are skilled at all levels of vehicle and fleet repair. All repairs are carried out under the one roof.

Epping Motors ensure the quality of their workmanship by using the latest tools and equipment with old fashioned know-how and only fitting recommended or guaranteed parts.

Epping Motors understand and respect the importance of your car to your livelihood. Epping Motors guarantees your car is important to them as it is to you. Located within the growing Hill’s trading zone, if it is not within walking distance to home or work Epping Motors may be able to supply you with a loan car or a staff member will drive you to your door after leaving your car in their care.

No surprises at the end of the day. Epping Motors will quote you and update you constantly. Phone, SMS or email the choice is yours. Epping Motors remains a trustworthy family business where repeat custom is of the utmost importance.

Epping Motors Repairs is a Motor Traders Association (MTA) mechanical repairer member who will repair your vehicle promptly, efficiently and in a manner that doesn't jeopardise your vehicles quality, integrity or safety.

You car remains important to Epping Motors even when you drive away. Any underlying issues are logged in our specialised software program. Service and rego reminders will be sent to you along special offers. So come and enjoy some old fashion personal and friendly service. We look forward to seeing you.

Here is our set process to ensure your best care & understanding;

Your vehicle will be assigned to a trained and qualified technician with the experience and skills required to investigate the problem.

A test drive may be carried out to allow the technician to experience the fault that is to be resolved. If you are available we will often request a test drive with you so that the technician has a clear understanding of the particular noise or feeling you wish to have resolved.

When your car is first brought in to our shop an Inspection will be carried out so as to avoid “tunnel vision” and miss any underlying problems with the vehicle. This will give us a good overview of your vehicles mechanical, electrical and fluid systems conditions to prevent any unnecessary return trips to “fix it right”. Any specific issues you have asked us to identify the cause of will be diagnosed.

Once any issues have been identified they will be organized and priced out in order of priority.

Your car is a moving piece of machinery. It needs maintenance and regular service. If you don’t have a service log or schedule Epping Motors will supply you one- Free of charge!

New Car Servicing

At Epping Motors, we understand how important your car is to you and we know your car’s needs.

We can help you follow its factory recommended maintenance schedule. Our trained mechanics are experts and will make sure each service is carried out according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. All work is guaranteed.

New Car Servicing

Mechanical Work

We will not carry out any repairs on your vehicle without first getting in contact with you! It is very important to us that you understand what is wrong with the vehicle and that you are comfortable with any repairs you are approving. An estimated completion time will be given based upon the work you have selected to have carried out. (It is not unusual for us to have some high priority item parts pre-ordered and on the way already during our conversation.

Mechanical Work

We use the Best Quality Brands

Dunlop Good YearNitroKumho TyresBridgestoneMichelinYokohamaFalkenHankookPirelliSnapon